UNITED! DJ RUSH UNITED. Cast aside the mundane world of nightlife and prepare to return to the source. DJ Rush United provides the total package for an unforgettable night. Promoting quality techno with some of the finest acts uniting a cross spectrum of the genre. Uniting the dance floor in the total experience of music with energy, and lots of emotion that allows one to feel and create their experiences. Just as we used to do during the birth of the electronic music revolution, we are together again. We are all United! DJ Rush United brings together the vibes of yesteryear with tomorrow’s vision. Encompassing some of the finest artists, handpicked by Rush himself to provide the perfect musical journey.

Introducing J. Fernandes, operating from groovy, funky beats to pounding techno this kid works it all involving the crowd in a non‐stop journey into sound. Additionally, Huma-Noyd Live was born to infect everything and everyone with his kind of music. His unique strong music-style is a mixture of Techno and Banging Techno with a lot of energy and power.

United presents a unique selection of techno, from tribal, funky, groovy to banging, but with all its energy United. Our styles work well together. We complement each other with a vibe from beginning to end. But the adventure does not end with just uniting the music. DJ Rush United also provides the very unique experience to unite the music lovers with the artists, by providing the public with limited copies of our releases and the opportunity for everyone to meet & greet the artists.

We would like to present DJ Rush United to bring fun and energy back to the dance floor; to give all of us a sense to wanting to go out and let loose and feel free; together again. Are you ready to get United again?

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23.11.2013 Czech

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Due to lack of professionalism,  honesty and communication I hereby decided to cancel my gig on November 23.2013 L-Klub Pardubice. This will be the second cancellation this year to whom I trusted the promoter/organizers. It saddens me to do this upon short notice, but I had no choice and to all my fans and supporters who arranged pre-sale tickets to see me I advice you to ask for a refund as I will not show up for this event. I am truly sorry and promoters can not continue to destroy the image of artists and tricking the party people into believing all is correct and OK when things are not. I hope my fans and supporter will understand that it’s not me (Rush) that had to make this decision, it was the unprofessional, dis honesty, and trust that was presented to me by the Promoter/Organizers of the event. All anger should be taking through them.

Dj Rush

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I like to reach out to all my loyal fans and supporters who have been on this musical Journey with me and have my back throughout the years.

I am so thankful to have such a strong fan base, who is willing to ride through the storm with me with such energy. Your energy is my strength to continue each and every weekend. As I often change to bring you new and better energy with my music, your devotion, loyalty  and presence makes me stronger to give you only best I have to offer. Thank you for excepting me for who I am and letting me be me and making some amazing memories on the dance floor.

wherever you’re from, nationality, age, gender I love you all thank you..






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